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With the horse-riding treks offered by Horse Sharing, adventure is guaranteed.

On horseback with a water bottle and a saddlebag, you will be ready to explore the wildest, most fascinating and unspoiled coastline of the island.

Horse Sharing offers several horse treks to discover charming locations of great naturalistic interest of the west coast of Sardinia, for riders with different levels of experience, who love nature and are ready to ride new horizons.

From the stables of the Equestrian Centre, through the centuries-old pine forest of Arborea, we reach the pond of S’Ena Arrubia, a natural reserve, for its naturalistic importance. During a silent horse ride you can appreciate the particular beauty of this place and observe the habits of the beautiful pink flamingos that live in their habitat, undisturbed. Show More

Starting from the cool and silent pine forest of Arborea, you can ride ponds and shaded paths that line the typical farms of the area, sandy streets and wetlands, until you reach Marceddì, an ancient and typical fishing village. Here riders can feel part of an ancient tradition and taste a variety of local products. Show more

The horse trekking to the beach of Pistis will lead you to discover one of the most beautiful beaches on the Costa Verde. Riding through the sand dunes and vegetation, you can also reach a centuries-old Juniper that a man, Efisio Sanna, a poet from Guspini, along with his wife, decided to save many years ago. They moved under its branches and made it a hospitable home, where for years to come they welcomed friends and travellers. Show more 

Starting from Sant’Antonio di Santadi, you will ride through an area of the wonderful and wild Costa Verde, to reach the imposing Torre dei Corsari beach. Under the sixteenth-century, Spanish watch tower you will find the famous sand dunes, which stretch for almost three kilometres in length. A breath-taking sight to be discovered on horseback. Show more

An unforgettable two-day trek through the Costa Verde to discover the wildest and most unspoiled coastline of Sardinia, from the typical and ancient fishing village of Marceddì and the beaches of Pistis and Torre dei Corsari. Ten hours on horseback through a Sardinia that will leaves you breathless. Show more

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