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With the rope, you will learn to keep the right balance, how to be safely on horseback at each gait, as well as the correct control and set-up under all circumstances.
During these lessons, the horse runs in a circle, while the instructor controls it through a long rope called “Lead Rope”. In this way the student can concentrate better on the exercises.
The students will gain control of the reins and start to ride on their own only after a few lessons at the rope, once they have found the right balance and a safe set-up in the saddle.

Lessons last approximately 20 minutes.

Group riding lessons are group sessions for 2 to more people and are thought for those who want to learn along with other people, through comparison. The lessons last 50 minutes.

The lessons last approximately 50 minutes.

The idea of riding is appealing and feasible, but it is necessary that the beginner approaches equitation with some fundamental basics.

If it is true that “Well begun is half done”, our lessons for beginners will allow you to dedicate yourself well to this wonderful experience, all the while assisted by trained instructors who will be able to correct you at any time.

The lessons last approximately 50 minutes.

During the lessons, the more experienced students will deepen their knowledge on how to lead the horse and will learn new exercises for the gradual development of riding skills at the 3 gaits.

The lessons last approximately 50 minutes.

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