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Torre dei Corsari is one of the pearls of the Costa Verde, in the territory of Arbus, whose name derives from the Spanish tower of Flumentorgiu (seventeenth century), lookout against Saracen pirates raids.

The beach, one and a half kilometres long, is characterized by astonishing golden dunes, that resemble a series of hills, rocking under the incessant action of the mistral. A desert brushed by the sea and swept by the wind, that shapes it. It is beautiful even during spring, covered by sea lilies, wallflowers and sand poppies that create a contrast with the landscape on the background, made of hills covered with Mediterranean scrub, with strawberry plants, junipers, cane apples and mastic trees, enhancing it.

On horseback, Torre dei Corsari offers unforgettable views, even in the evening, with its wonderful sunsets.

4 hours, with variations due especially to the level of experience of the participants.

Medium, a minimum level of experience is required.

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