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The surface of the S’Ena Arrubia pond, of about 300 hectares, and the thick vegetation, allow waterfowls to nest on its banks: among the most widespread species there are the beautiful pink flamingos, various types of hawk, such as the marsh harrier and the osprey and several species of herons: the red heron, the grey heron and the cattle egret. The pond, which is full of fish, is also rich in valuable fish such as sea basses, mullets, eels and breams.

It is, as you might easily guess, one of the most popular areas for birdwatchers on the west coast of Sardinia, which, from the Horse Country, can be reached covering a few kilometres on horseback, by riders with a minimum level of experience.

Approximately 3 hours, with variations based on the level of experience of the participants.

Low, a minimum level of experience is required.

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