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For years, it has been a traditional trekking destination offered by the Horse Country. Marceddì is a traditional fishing village located in the southernmost part of the Gulf of Oristano, at the base of the ‘horn’ of land that ends with the fascinating Capo San Marco, southern limit of the bay and border with the Costa Verde. A magical place, full of charm where coast and lagoon blend with the archaeology of a corner of Sardinia that has always been a crossroads of peoples but also the scene of pirate raids.
The Old Spanish Tower, which can be seen during the trek, was created to protect it from attacks. The trek develops on a flat ground, which is ideal for the wellbeing of horses and riders: some parts belong to one of the best Endurance tracks in Europe.
During the trek you will also a stop in the park of Marceddì, so the horses can rest and you can have a rich lunch with typical Sardinian flavours, before leaving for the return trip.

The trek to Marceddì lasts half a day, with departure times varying to avoid the hottest hours of the day.

This trek requires a level of experience that allows you to ride at least at a trot, but we recommend knowing the three gaits.

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