After the great success of the 2013 Sardinia Endurance Lifestyle, in 2014 Horse Country hosted the important event for the second time, this time organizing in parallel also the Italian Junior and Young Riders Championship on 120 kilometres and two other races, raising the quality of sports content of the event.

In the wake of the great results obtained during the solar year between the two races (more than 150 horses sold), on this occasion too, there was a Think Tank consisting of over 200 people including breeders, coaches, riders, veterinarians to discuss opportunities and the need to create a network, to enhance the reality of Anglo-Arabian and Arabian horses born and raised in Sardinia, so as to conquer a market share that every year brings 3,000 horses only to the United Arab Emirates.

Even the institutions, through the Councilor Falchi, have made their voices heard: “Our breeding and our territory need such events and the Region has every interest to commit itself to create concrete perspectives of development”.