In the last days of August 2013, Horse Country became a protagonist in the equestrian world hosting, the first Sardinian edition of the Endurance Lifestyle, which with 5 represented nations, 40 registered horses, 92 accredited Italian and foreign newspapers, has contributed to give an important boost to the revival of sport horse breeding in the territory.

The Arabs of the United Arab Emirates were the guests of honour, including the prince heir to the throne Al Maktoum son of the Sheikh of Dubai, as well as prime minister, and various members of the Royal Family, always great fans of horses and equestrian races.

In parallel to the race, there was also a Breeding Forum, to which 525 people took part. Public offices were invited, such as the President of the Region and the deputy Salvatore Cicu. In the months following the race, more than 150 Sardinian Endurance horses were sold.

During this very successful race, the world speed record on the 120 km track was almost reached, setting the European record and helping to define it as one of the best and fastest tracks in the world. Furthermore, the foundations were also laid for what has become a recurring appointment in the Gulf of Oristano.