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Nature on horseback is the emotion of riding through the most unspoiled Sardinian landscapes to discover unique scenarios that show the ancient traditions of a wonderful land.

With Nature on horseback, you can enjoy a complete experience that will allow you to enjoy a full-comfort holiday at the Horse Country Resort for a week, in a Standard or Superior room, in addition to a huge certainty: the horse’s presence to ensure an unforgettable nature holiday.

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The first contact with the horse is one of the most important and wonderful experiences that there may be in the life of an equestrian or of someone approaching the magical world of horses for the first time. Before starting with the horseback activities included in Nature on horseback we will accompany you on an exciting journey to be acquainted to our horses, to approach and be introduced to our activities and facilities. You will learn how to take care of these beautiful animals, from grooming to saddling before heading out to discover Sardinia.

We included this horse trekking, in Nature on horseback because although no level of experience is required to undertake it, it captures in two hours all the elements that make our proposal unique: the ride in the pine forest, on the sand dunes, on the beach and the spectacular view of the S’Ena Arrubia pond, populated by beautiful pink flamingos.

Perfect as a first experience on horseback, magical and suggestive for the horse lovers, the ride runs through the pine forest and the beach surrounding the Horse Country Resort.

Sheltered from the summer heat, in the pine forest you can begin to feel more at ease on horseback, and begin to discover a magical territory. On our beach of fine white sand, riding our horses, you can admire a magnificent sea and breathe the beneficial sea air. Discover our other rides

A person will never forget some experiences. Among these, we are sure there is riding in silence on your horse, immersed in nature, listening to the sea waves and admiring the sky that turns red. Be it sunrise or sunset, we encourage you to discover this breath-taking, recurring sight from an unusual perspective. Discover our other rides

Nature on horseback also includes the thrilling experience of attending a spectacular equestrian show at the Palacavallo. You can enjoy the beauty of the ancient Sardinian traditions, with exclusive shows of Sardinian riding among other beautiful performances.

By choosing Nature on horseback, Horse Sharing offers you a unique culinary experience. You can eat like real cowboys at the Saloon, the restaurant of our Western village serving typical cuisine, and spend a magical evening in perfect country style with music, Line Dance and lots of entertainment.
As an alternative, a suggestive traditional Sardinian cuisine dinner at the Paguro, the Barbecue Restaurant on the beach, overlooking the Gulf of Oristano, enjoying a breath-taking sunset.

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