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A horse can give great emotions and the bond you share grows stronger.  For sure, owning one is a dream that is not within everyone’s reach, but with Horse Sharing Membership, it can come true.

Horse Country opens its doors to all horse-riding enthusiasts and lovers of horses and nature, granting them their own horse with which to share an all-inclusive holiday full of benefits.

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Tel: 3387251833

Mail: hcsharing@horsecountry.it


You will have at your disposal a horse, to be chosen among those of our stables, for one or two weeks, for years, to share unforgettable emotions and explore the natural beauty of Sardinia. You can take care of your new friend and experience all the riding activities that we offer, from the beautiful rides, to trekking, to English and western riding lessons.

Choose between a beautiful old English style or a western style cottage, immersed in the lush and centuries-old pine forest of the Horse Country Resort a few steps from the sea. The cottages can accommodate up to 6 people and are equipped with all comforts: kitchenette, TV, air conditioning, porch and cleaning service.

“Sardinia is another thing. Much wider, much more ordinary, not up-and-down at all, but running away into the distance. Unremarkable ridges of moor-like hills running away, perhaps to a bunch of dramatic peaks on the southwest…Lovely space about one, and traveling distances—nothing finished, nothing final. It is like liberty itself.”  (David Herbert Lawrence)

Hectares of unspoilt nature to be discovered on horseback, a land that can be your home thanks to Horse Sharing Membership.

Do you know what Sharing Economy is? It is a philosophy and a way of life that allows everyone to enjoy goods and services otherwise out of their economic reach: it happens for everything, with Horse Sharing it also applies to a great passion, the horse.

Horse Sharing Membership is the opportunity to have a horse of your own and to enjoy it for a good part of your life. Your horse that you will choose among those of our stables will become the companion with whom you share the emotions of your holiday in Sardinia for years.

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